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Lucy Teixeira is a powerhouse performer hailing from Santa Marta de Penaguião in Portugal.

Beginning her musical career at the young age of 6 she began with playing the piano, but at the age of 12, she discovered her true passion was for singing. An impromptu performance at a family gathering lit the fire, and from then on she pursued voice as her instrument of choice, enrolling in singing school where she learned to hone her vocals to produce the sultry tone we hear today.

Lucy’s talent was spurred on through her teen years as she performed regularly at parties for friends and families, always to the delight of her audiences. In 2015, she decided to take her singing to a professional level with the recording of her first album ‘A minha conquista ardente’, an album filled with a lively blend of dance and party tunes with influences from the kuduro, baile, kizomba and funaná musical genres.

Lucy has become a prolific performer in her home country and has had the honour of gracing stages in both in Portugal and abroad.


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